About Maine Locomotive + Machine Works

Maine Locomotive & Machine Works is owned and operated by Brian Fanslau. Brian has 20+ years experience in operating & restoring steam locomotives and other vintage railroad equipment. He's an expert on the Maine Two Footers and is well versed in the history of American railroading. Our customers include Edaville, Conway Scenic, Clark's Trading Post, Loon Mountain, WW&F, Maine Narrow Gauge and many others throughout New England. References available.

Our Services Include

Locomotive & Steam Engine Repair & Maintenance  // Locomotive Restoration  // 

Design & Build New Rolling Stock // Rolling Stock Restoration  // Railroad Operation Consulting  // Boiler Design // Boiler Construction & Repair // FRA 1472 Day Inspections // Boiler Plate Forming // Riveting

Working on our ASME & National Boiler Board certification to provide stamp products when required 


We have the best team of professionals dedicated to steam engineering & historic preservation in New England. 

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Experts in providing practical solutions 
to complicated problems

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